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The ability to crunch numbers in a variety of approaches and attain valuable information to better understand the current position and move accordingly in an attempt to gain a better stance can now happen in a blink of an eye. Accounting that is now paired with continuous auditing and reporting has been around for a while but it is now on its way to becoming pretty common. I believe it has reached an important milestone as it is now being considered as standard learning for the next generation. A milestone that is taken up in the article written by Maria Murphy.

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Fast and Maneuverable

Businesses need a quick supply of information in order to maneuver strategically. The accountants of today simply lack the speed at which they can provide the information manually and without the assistance of technology, thus, paired with the technology to run the numbers and perform continuous audits in real time, the end user would now be equipped with the information needed to make the next calculated step. An idea that many in the business world seem to understand and Maria makes the point crystal clear.

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Takes Time

The learners of the future are in for a major change but it will not be coming very soon, It is expected when a game changer like this is evaluated and threshed out the time it takes to make it standard is a long one. Maria also touches on the subject in her article as shown below.

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It was crystal clear and Code Accounting saw the future. Code Accounting leaped ahead by taking the necessary steps to be ready for the future. Endowed with the ability to perform the accounting and the technology to conduct continuous auditing and reporting, clients will now be able to improve efficiency with the help of friendly Code Accounting professionals. Technology is a very important part of this revolutionary leap and based on Maria’s article it is not too early to start learning.

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The Last Word

It is clear that continuous auditing and reporting based on accounting standards will soon be the norm and Code Accounting would likely be at the forefront of this revolution as we are already making our move to adapt technology for our clients.


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